Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers which one to Buy

Remember newborn skin is soft and sensitive and as parents we have to be extra cautious while choosing products for our babies. We cannot take any chances with them and want best for our babies.But who will tell us, what is best for the Baby ?

As i was about to deliver and the hospital had given the list of essentials, diapers were one of them. Like all other mothers i opened my laptop and started searching for best diapers available in the market. I was amazed to find out the wide variety and brands of diapers available. Brands were self promoting with so many features that i never though are to be taken care of. Eventually i ended up getting confused and ordered 4-5 different brands of diapers.

This is not a promotional blog and i am not promoting and Diaper brands. I am sharing my personal experience so that it becomes easier for mothers to choose the right one for their little ones.

I did a little research on diapers and found that 81% of the parents exclusively used disposable diapers, 15% used cloth & Disposable both, 4% used only cloth Diapers.

Best Diapers Brands Available Online

Diaper Material

The disposable diapers used now were developed through trial and error by many researchers which comprise of an inner layer of polyester that allows liquids to pass through to a layer of absorbent material and an outer waterproof plastic layer of poly ethylene film. During the 1990’s a modification in super absorbent polymer was developed. It uses a surface cross linker to reduce the “gel block” problem. Diapers continue to become thinner and more absorbent.

Best Diapers Brands Available Online

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Positioning and Latch while Breastfeeding

After 38 weeks, 3 days i saw my baby in real life. Her twinkling eyes, tiny lips. I was filled with over overwhelming gratitude. Once the nurse handed her to me i knew i love her forever.

We are discussing today about Positioning and Latch while Breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a learned process none of us born knowing how to do it. My lactation consult actually helped me a lot to explain the proper Positioning and latch while breastfeeding.

Getting Started Positioning and Latch while Breastfeeding

Almost every mother on the first instance has some or the other question, anxiety on how to breastfeed their babies and what is the correct position and is the baby latching properly. My lactation consultant was a wonderful lady who encouraged me and explained that it is absolutely normal to have such questions. She asked me to sit in a comfortable posture, securely and gently holding the baby. She briefed me about the different positions and latching techniques which is explained below.

Bringing your Baby to Breast: Positioning and Latch

Self attached Breastfeeding

New Babies have a stepping crawling reflex that can help them seek out of breast. You will have to give your baby multiple chances to self attach in the first few days. Keep you baby on chest skin to skin. New born babies need about 10-12 feeds in a day when they are using self attached way to latch.

Cross Cradle or Crossover Hold:


Use a breastfeeding pillow for Support. The best one are listed here. Hold the baby in front of you, place one hand on the base of the baby’s neck and support her body with the same arm.  Baby should be held tummy to tummy. With your free hand you must hold your breast in U shape.Give your baby chance to self attach, if not tickle baby’s lips with your nipples until they open their mouth and latch on.

Football/Clutch hold:

Mothers shoulder and back should be relaxed. Use breastfeeding pillow to give support while feeding. The baby is held next to you from one side with your hand on the base of the neck and baby’s legs towards your back. This position is great for mothers who just had a C section. Baby is tuck under the same arm as the breast that is being fed to the baby. Baby’s head is supported by mothers thumb and forefinger. Latch your baby repeating the same steps as in cross cradle or crossover hold.

Cradle/Madonna Hold:

Baby is rested on your forearm, not in the crook of your arm, bring your forearm closer to put the baby to breast. Tuck the baby’s lower arm under his/her body. Use a U hold to hold the breast. Make sure your fingers are not touching your areola so that they do not get into the way when baby try to latch on. Latch your baby repeating the same steps as in cross cradle or crossover hold.

Side Lying: 

This is the easiest way. You are lying on one side the baby is in front of you on his/her side, the arm that is higher is the one that helps bring the baby to breast. Use Breastfeeding pillow. Latch your baby repeating the same steps as in cross cradle or crossover hold, football/clutch hold, Cradle/Madonna hold

How to get good Latch/ Tips for good Latch

  • Loosen your baby’s blanket so that she can move her arms. Breastfeeding will work better for both mother and baby if baby’s arms are free to move and touch your breast.
  • Be patient and wait until baby open his/her mouth very wide.
  • Move her to your breasts, dont move your breast to her. Her chin should reach your breast first.
  • The nose and chin should be close to the breast but not pushed into the breast. More of the top of the areola (pigmented skin surrounding a nipple) will be showing and less of the bottom.
  • Your baby’s lips should make a seal around the breast and her mouth will look a little bit like a fish with lips rolled outwards and visible. You can help adjust her lips by pulling gently on the skin by her nose and chin in order to help the lips make a seal.


What can i do to overcome challenges during breastfeeding ?

It is important to have confidence in your body’s ability to breastfeed. If you are having pain or any other problems while breastfeeding, contact your lactation consultant.

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Product / Service #3

Don’t think of this product or service as your third favorite, think of it as the bronze medalist in an Olympic medals sweep of great products/services.

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